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Friday, November 30, 2012

Whip Practice in the Park

From Drew:

As I restart this practice which has run on and off for more than a decade I have had some good suggestions and I have picked a new place for our first meeting.  The time was to meet as many people’ needs as I could.  I am considering having the meetings for odd months on Saturday mornings to cover the second most requested time frame.

Practice Stand - (whip this instead of people)

The practice place we will try the first month is a grassy area around some picnic tables just north of the parking lot for the Kearn’s Memorial Swimming Pool in the Morley Field Complex.  Finding me should be easy you just get to the corner of Texas St. and Upas St. and turn into the complex on the extension of Texas St.  As you drive into the complex and approach the pool, the parking lot on your left is where to park.

Just north of the parking lot is a group of picnic tables and I will be at one of them.  There are several suitable areas with good grass to the East of the picnic tables and we will not have to spread out much to have room to accommodate a large number of people practicing.  There are also public restrooms in the tennis complex to the west of our meeting area.  If we end up in conflict with any other users of the facilities there are a few place just to the east we could walk to.

This is a public place and dress and behavior should be appropriate.  The intent is to build skills with single tail whips so you might want to improvise a target/target stand but I plan to bring at least one I would be happy to share.  I also bring a number of loaner whips for those without whips and I am always willing to coach a bit if you want some help.  Let’s make sure we leave the place as nice as or nicer than we find it.    

Happy cracking, Drew

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