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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review of Women's Gear Social

On Sunday, November 18, the women of the local kink community invited their brothers from FMSD to show support for a geared-up social event at Numbers.

Here is what I wrote afterward to the guys who attended:


I think yesterday's event was one of the VERY happiest times for me since I started FMSD, and it was all because of you.

I have been club-presidenting since 1981, and I am keenly aware that any group (no matter how large) is only as good as its inner, Golden Core of true brothers.  I saw you beautiful men at your absolute best, and I couldn't have been prouder of every one of you.

You were ALL being ambassadors for the men of the Tribe… Standing tall, being charming and fun, and willing to go along with whatever showed up (being whipped by women?  Interesting).  You participated in 100% appropriate and majestic ways, willing to be flexible from moment to moment.

In the past, the men and women of the community have had issues. The women told me over and over again that they had never, ever seen such a loving turnout of men for a women's event.

The bottom line is that we have proven that FMSD can attract and retain the very best of our community. If I had a bunch of trophies, I'd be handing them around right now.  I'm finding it hard to fully explain WHY this means so much in the long run, but you have cemented the image of FetishMenSanDiego as a Tribe that can bring out the best men out when it really matters.  I have been doing a lot of deep observation of the patterns of interpersonal dynamics in crowds and between individuals, for my whole adult life, and I would score all of you at 100%.

I doubt that we will need to do this again, in exactly this same way. We were honoring Wish's requests for her first event of its kind, and we all did so, and very kindly.  You sweet men were so typically amiable, open and available for new possibilities… This is why I love you!

I mean, really - LOOK at the joy and brotherhood in this picture.  It clangs like a bell!

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