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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review of Leatherboy James' Gear Dinner

Lots of gear in the back row...

On Thursday, November 1, 2012, Leatherboy James hosted his first event. As noted here, he feels very strongly that in order for there to be a better acceptance of the leather/fetish community, we need to be more publicly visible. So, his plan was to have an impromptu dinner at The Range in Hillcrest, directly across University from Richs, and in the same building as Eden.

It worked out great, for several reasons:

- There was a very nice turnout. The staff had to keep bringing MORE tables to place end-to-end to make one loooong table.

- It couldn't have been more congenial.  James was a gracious host, constantly circulating to make sure that everybody felt completely welcome and included.

- The men who showed up were wonderful ambassadors for San Diego's kink & fetish brotherhood. Charming, joyful and mellow.

- We attracted more new members (I signed up four of them, including two who were just wandering by), and they were ideal candidates for a better community. So, James' plan worked, just as he had hoped.

James will be out of town in Afghanistan for a few months, but he told me that night that he wants to do more events like this one when he gets back. And so, we have even more proof that our Tribe is improving, and our future is secure!

Ed and James - Fine, fine men!

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