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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alert: Tonight's Events

We went from NO events last Wednesday (due to Thanksgiving weekend starting early), to the most-exciting ones ever held on a Wednesday night in San Diego's gay fetishmen community. It's all happening tonight:



I will be bringing everybody up to date on what is tentatively being called "Our Loving Culture" weekend, February 1-3, 2013.  We're doing a whole weekend of cultural events that will attract a lot of out-of-towners. We will be celebrating local artists, artisans, wise elders, vibrant youth, celebrate our history and our future, and have a lot of fun that won't COST us to death. It's 100% about getting back to our basics and being brothers to the community all over Southern California.

I'm being coy about details because we still need to get all of our ducks in a row. If the current plans hold steady, this is going to be REALLY BIG, and really meaningful. Anybody who has ever been to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend has come home swearing that it is the most powerful expression of true brotherhood they've ever seen, and I think San Diego can easily pull off something just as authentic, but with a different itinerary.

Tonight's Planning Meeting is where we will all contribute ideas (there are already many of them, from at least thirty people), make the first solid plans, and build teamwork so that everybody succeeds and gains glory. Our Loving Culture Weekend won't be a lot of work, just shared intentions and good will. If all goes well, it's meant to be ultra-inexpensive, too.



I'm intentionally going to be frustratingly vague, but you will DEFINITELY want to be present, in time for this portion of the evening's pleasantries. We will be showing a lot of love for one of our brothers in a way that no affinity-group has ever done, ever before (as far as I am aware).  You're going to be unhappy if you miss it.  

There will be pictures and a story from me afterward in the newsletter, but I invite you to come and be a part of history in the making. The more, the merrier.

This one is going to go viral, worldwide.



On the fourth Wednesday of each month, we go from TALKING about stuff, to DOING stuff with our hands-on workshops. Last month, we had so many men show up for FLOGGING, ALL LEVELS, the usual oval arrangement of chairs became a rectangle because we filled up the entire perimeter of the meeting space. Nobody wanted to leave, and I'm pretty certain that there were still men there at P&T's 11PM closing time. 

This picture shows how happy and close everyone was. Nobody was left out. After the instruction portion, we cleared the chairs and had the Tops on one side, the bottoms on the other, and the Lookyloos over yonder. By the end of the evening, all of the Lookyloos had given in to temptation, and had gotten happily involved.

Tonight's workshop should be just as unified, fun and satisfying.  If paddling is not your scene, that's no big deal. Nobody will be pressured in any way. Teddy is a phenomenal new instructor, and your host for the evening will be our own Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron.


The entire evening is set to be a powerful affirmation of our Tribe's unity and deep levels of mutual trust and affection. You have every right to be a part of it!

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