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Monday, March 31, 2014

Flogging For Beginners (On Both Ends Of The Flogger): Video Instruction

This article is part of my Mentoring for Tops/Sirs/Doms/Masters curriculum.

UPDATE:  Here is a video of me doing a full scene in November 2015.  You may find it educational. I'm nibbling, tickling, flogging, spanking, using my facial hair, and so forth.

From Papa Tony:

This is a tutorial that I recorded in 2014, and then posted on my personal site. It went wildly viral, all over the world.

It has been described as the first flogging video that teaches everything that you need to know, in a warm, affectionate style.  I have put 38 years of experience into this one-hour video.  It's what I have been teaching, one-on-one, continuously for decades.

The technical, how-to "Hard Skills" take up a small part of the video, and are covered fully.  The rest of it is "Soft Skills", meaning hard-earned wisdom from deep experience. In short, this is everything that you need to be POPULAR as a Flogging Top:

- How to "calibrate", so that every new playmate gets exactly what they want, whether they know it or not.

- How to "read" body-language from behind.

- How to be a wildly-creative player, even if you only have one toy.

- Style and performance skills, for those times when the crowd is watching.

- And much, much more.

Everyone that I have taught has gone onward to great acclaim and endless fun.

This tutorial is my affectionate gift to anyone who wants to learn from a mentor, but can't find one.

Too many gay men of my generation died of AIDS.  Two new generations have risen up, without experiencing kind, wise uncles to teach, bless and initiate them.  This video is a way of stepping into the gap.

If you are grateful, then please pass it along - We need to re-kindle the culture of mentoring that we lost when so many of us died!

Other articles, audio recordings, and videos can be found here.

This video was watched over 22,000 times in its first twelve months!  What a wonderful legacy.  My name on Fet is PapaTonyinSD, and my email is papatony - I love to receive feedback!

Here is the link for the recommended "Mr. Thuddy" flogger, for beginners on a budget, and here is the review I wrote.

If you like this video, then please check out the more-advanced-level Tommy Tomcat follow-up, or Florentine Flogging, for Visual Learners, Plus Flame Whips and Poi!.

UPDATE, October 2015:

I have uploaded a video explaining my special, flexible grip in close-up detail.  This works equally well with singletail whips and the Tommy Tomcat.

From KinkyDruid:
This was an amazingly helpful video so I thank you for posting it here.

Admittedly it was a bit distressing to hear that I am a boring subject for flogging, thinking that I shouldn't make a fuss in public along with an inherent inclination to experience things very internally meant that I tend to only react when limits are being reached... I guess I will have to ask a top what he needs in regards to visual feedback from now on.

From PapaTonyinSD:
You'd be surprised how much feedback folks like you actually provide, during a scene. Muscle-tension, breathing patterns, and body language.

If I were to re-state the same point in a more-concise way, I'd say "DON'T REPRESS YOUR FEELINGS". Examples of what I mean:

- Clamping down on emotions

- Tensing every muscle, and staying that way

- "Butching it up" to impress the hyper-macho Top that you WON'T be broken, no matter what.

When I see these behaviors, it tells me that I'm going to be unable to discern when the bottom is reaching his or her limits. What you say about yourself does not match that. You sound like a fun playmate!

From KinkyDruid:
Thank you for your reply.
Two nights ago at a monthly play party here I received Violet Wand session and was able to discern each of the reactions you mentioned in myself and speaking to the operator he confirmed that they were what he was going on, so it seems you are correct (unsurprisingly). Thank you for helping me understand myself better.

Review from DrFrankenbeans:

So I've been hunting for a flogger that has good weight to it and isn't going to break my meager piggy bank. I'm pretty particular about what I like in my impact toys and tools. I'm really tall (6'8" in my favorite boots), so mass produced lightweight crap just looks and feels pathetic in my hand.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you! I accidentally stumbled across your videos while digging around looking for the perfect flogger. Your videos have really helped me. I've done a lot of sensation play in the past, but not much with floggers. Because I'm used to crops and horsewhips I always thought the floggers were too imprecise, but your clear detailed guidance has completely changed my view on them. And the way you treat your subs is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for expressing the importance of not only aftercare, but during-care as well.

Thanks again! :)

Review from Rob:

Papa Tony's Flogging 101 video is the best one I've seen short of a live session. So far the only live instructional flogging session I've been to was on Florentine style before Christmas. Being new to flogging, I just kept nodding my head.

Watching his 101 video and practicing a lot let me actually be a good top and left my girlfriend amazed at how well I did. She'd been flogged before but apparently never that well let alone by a first timer.

Review from Papa Tony's other slave:

That was really excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was jotting down comments while watching it, so here they are in a rather incoherent order.

1) You are a fucking fantastic speaker and teacher.  You have such a natural gift for articulation and clarity.  I don't think You paused and said, "uh", once during the whole video.  The lesson poured forth from You with amazing organization and clarity, a whole hour!  I would have had to practice for a week to give such a demonstration.  You really have quite a gift.  I remember that first night we met, I asked you if You were a teacher, because Your speaking style is just so good.

2) Your voice is a wonderful bass, and is so sexy.  I was hard at about minute 10, squeezing myself.  But, then I stopped that so that I could really listen.  Still, Your voice could make me cum.

3) I remember once You were flogging me and I said on a scale of 1 to 10 that one part of it was a 5 and one part was a 7.  You said, "interesting", but didn't elaborate.  From the video, You said that You don't want to go above a 7.  In retrospect, I know that I had no point of reference for my 5 and 7.  I thought that a 10 would be me crying out in pain and saying stop.  So, I think I exaggerated those numbers, and they were actually lower.

4) The flogging didn't look particularly violent, yet Bob was have quite a reaction.  Looks can be deceiving.

5) I liked the part where You placed a strong hand on Bob's face with the flogger and let him smell it.  Let's try that again.  You did that once with me, and I liked it, and it was hot watching You do it with Bob.

6) I'd like to do more flogging sessions with You.  You've already shown me that You know You have to take it easy with this novice, so I trust You.  The video also shows that one of Your cardinal rules is not to damage the bottom, but show him respect and love.

7) The part about the bottom being overjoyed with a flogging session and receiving acknowledgment from the crowd and friends resonated with me.  I do a lot of adventure sports on vacation, and that is very much part of the thrill.  For instance, doing a bungee jump that only half the guys have the balls to do.  Doing a rough rafting trip.  Doing river surfing (really a fucking blast).  Canyoning, Repelling, Alpine hiking, etc.  There is such a thrill in being able to say, "I did it!".  Haven't jumped out of a plane yet.  Need a big guy like You to throw me out.

8) The hand motions with the floggers look easy when You do it, but the novices were very awkward at it, so it is a hard skill.  Looked like one guy was in danger of hitting himself in the eye.  I said the word "pillow" before you even brought it out, thinking, this guy ought to practice on a pillow.

9) Please do not ever use that razor tipped one on me.  I would freak me the fuck out.

10) The discussion of landmines was very interesting.  I imagine the intense emotional release that occurs during a flogging scene could really heighten a bottom's sensitivity, break down some of his armor, and make setting off a landmine very easy.

11) I want to hold Bob while You flog him, so that I can caress him.  Don't know if this would be welcome by him.  His limbic responses set off a protective instinct in me that drives a desire to comfort him.

12) The ice water scene was mysterious.  I guess I have to experience this, as it didn't seem obvious why that would be exhilarating.  It must be that the skin is so sensitive after flogging.

13) There was LOTS of humor in the video.  I was laughing out loud at several points.

14) Again, huge difference between the Master's style and the guys You were teaching.  It's not easy, and they were lucky to have such patient and caring instruction from You.

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  1. Thanks for teaching us want to be's. Appreciate those who have the knowledge to share it and bring along a new group.